Alternative Crops Need To Stick Together! Enter: Yaupon + Florida Hops

Florida is a hotbed for new alternative crops. If a plant has the slightest chance of being the “next big thing,” Florida farmers have tried to grow it. Some of these crops have been more successful than others. Olives, macadamias, and now hops, have become increasingly popular. None of these are native like the Yaupon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help Florida farmers make ends meet.

That’s why we’ve started working with Richard Smith of Florida Hops LLC, to blend a “calming” Yaupon tea. Hops is renowned for a snappy flavor and aroma, owing to its volatile compounds, but it also possesses mild sedative properties, and we think that’s pretty cool.

Our first crack at Hoppy Yaupon came with the Butterfly Pea Flower and Columbus hops from Sean Campbell, a researcher at the University of Florida’s MREC in Apopka. After some tinkering, we blended our organic Florida Yaupon with cascade hops from Florida Hops, and organic Provençal lavender flowers, and we feel that the result is pretty dope!

Keep checking back—this calming tea will be available soon. 

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