by Bryon White August 20, 2020 1 min read

The term "organic" is now almost ubiquitous in the grocery store, and the little green USDA organic stamp can be observed on pretty much every kind of product. We have organic toothpaste and moisturizers, drinks and snacks, fruits and vegetables, and even household cleaners and pet foods. But what makes a product "organic?" 

In the United States and many other countries, it is actually illegal to claim a product is organic without the product being certified. In the USA, the job of oversight and enforcement of organic labeling falls to the United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA). The USDA administers what is known as the National Organic Program, (NOP), and the NOP sets the standards that businesses and brands must adhere to in order to be certified. These standards can vary from product to product, but there are some things which are universal, such as:

1. No Genetically-modified organisms, (GMO's), are allowed.

2. No fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals except those that are approved for use. 

3. No additional ingredients that are not organic are allowed.

That list goes on basically forever, but as a rule of thumb, a USDA organic stamp on the product is meant to guarantee that there are no GMO's, nasty chemicals, or surprise ingredients.

Yaupon Brothers American Tea obtained USDA organic certification in 2018. We have a wild-crop grower certification and an organic processor/handler certification. Our certification entity is Quality Certification Services in Gainesville, FL. We are pleased to carry the USDA organic seal on our products. It means we are committed to environmental and food security, and also to your health. Cheers!


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Most of us will be glad to usher 2020 out the door. With a global pandemic, lockdowns, an economic collapse, and natural disasters, it's a year that probably won't be missed. But some good things did happen here at Yaupon Brothers that we want to share with you. 
Delta Rising: A Yaupon Renewal in the Birthplace of the Blues
Delta Rising: A Yaupon Renewal in the Birthplace of the Blues

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The Delta, and Mississippi in general, is also a land that is confronting a troubled past and making strides to build a brighter, more equitable future. The most famous example of this is the State's recently-adopted flag, which replaced one that was made up partly of the confederate battle insignia. The new state flag, called "The New Magnolia," was the result of public pressure across a bipartisan front. It was as if the state knew it had to move forward in a new way. This flag, along with the the musical heritage of the Delta, and the legend of Robert Johnson, was an inspiration for a massive mural by artist Devin Liston, which now resides on the side of the iconicGround Zero Blues Club, which is owned by Bill Luckett and his longtime friend,Morgan Freeman. The mural is aptly named Midnight at the Crossroads, and serves as the label art of one of the first Yaupon blends to come out of the Delta Arts District,Delta Chai. 
Specialty Food Association Recognizes Bryon White as the 2021 Leader for Citizenship
Specialty Food Association Recognizes Bryon White as the 2021 Leader for Citizenship

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The Specialty Food Association has chosen the winners of the 2021 Leadership Awards, which honor influential and innovative entrepreneurs who are transforming the specialty food industry. The awards are presented in three categories: Business Leadership, Citizenship, and Vision.  Bryon White from Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company is the winner for outstanding Citizenship... read more about his story!