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by Bryon White May 05, 2020 2 min read

Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company Introduces Revive Mint as Newest Tea Blend



[May 5, 2020] Edgewater, FL -Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company has introduced a new permanent tea blend, Revive Mint. This blend contains only organic natural Yaupon Holly and organic peppermint for a crisp, light flavor. Revive Mint joins the American Green, Fire Roasted Warrior’s, Lavender Coconut and Florida Chai Yaupon Holly-based teas as part of the standing  product line up for the company.

Yaupon Brothers makes all of their teas from the Yaupon Holly; a Florida native tree that is the only caffeinated plant species in North America. They wild-harvest the leaves in New Smyrna Beach and process the tea in their Edgewater factory. Revive Mint contains less caffeine that the company’s other blends and can be served both hot and cold. Eco-Tube canisters contain 16 natural fiber tea sachets and can be found for purchase on their website,


Revive Mint got a trial run for the company back in the fall as the their first seasonal blend. It was met with unprecedented positive customer feedback, so much so that Yaupon Brothers made the move to make it a permanent part of their collection.


“Launching a new blend is exciting for us,” said Kyle White, Yaupon Brothers’ Director of Sales, “we’ve heard a tremendous interest in a mint-flavored tea and the seasonal run in the fall enabled us to truly understand what our customers want, which has led us to this point...Revive Mint full time.”


Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company was founded in 2015 by two brothers, Bryon and Kyle White and former mentor turned business partner, Mark Steele. They make several blends of tea that are made from a Florida native plant called the Yaupon Holly; a naturally caffeinated, antioxidant-rich superfood that was consumed for thousands of years by several Native American Tribes in the southeastern United States. The great tasting, tannin-free tea is currently available in five permanent varieties on their website ( including American Green, Fire Roasted Warrior, Lavender Coconut, Florida Chai, and Revive Mint. Additional seasonal blends available right now include Natural Wellness and Raspberry Rose. 






If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Bryon White at (386) 566-3826 or email





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