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      Yaupon Brothers Tea is unique amoung herbal beverages. Like its cousin, the Yerba Mate, Yaupon delivers impressive antioxidant properties and a ‘jitter-free’ caffeine quality, which is noticeably smoother and more ethereal than Arabica coffee or teas from the genus Camellia. What’s more impressive is that studies have shown Yaupon Asi to have anti-inflammatory qualities which seem to have the capability to reduce cancer cells, especially in the Colon. In addition to caffeine, Yaupon contains other cordical stimulants such as theobromine. It’s antioxidant values, which have been assessed using the ORAC test, can rival any super-food from any part of the world. Lucky for you, Yaupon Tea is grown and packaged right here in the United States…An American native tea; who knew!

     The native Ais and Timucua tribes of Florida used Yaupon in their most revered ceremonies. It was truly their most prized possession, and its consumption was limited to high-status tribal elders and guests. An offering was first provided to the spirits before the chief could take his first sip. The native Floridians would drink massive amounts of Yaupon in a single sitting, sometimes many gallons for each drinker. The natives would then purge themselves ritually, which they believed removed their anger and falsehoods. Regardless of what you may hear, Yaupon does NOT have emetic properties, and the purgative effect was likely acheived through the addition of toxic native plants, such as Snakeroot. This is supported by modern science.

     Below, you will find several links which serve to substantiate our claims about Yaupon Asi Tea. Most of the research has been conducted over many years by various respected insitutions of higher learning. All of these documents are available to you upon request,

      At Yaupon Brothers Tea, we believe in business accountability. We are Yaupon drinkers, and we are selling our life’s work to you. We believe in Yaupon Brothers Tea , and we want you to believe in it too. However, we are obliged to let you know that Yaupon Brothers Tea is NOT intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition. Our product is a food, not a drug, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Yaupon Brothers Tea is 100% sustainably harvested from secure wild populations. 100% of our product is derived from Central Florida, USA, where Yaupon has been consumed for thousands of years. 

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