$ 30.00


Looking for that unique locally-crafted gift that will really get a conversation started? Look no further! Or perhaps you want to keep these all to yourself...we don't judge! Yaupon Brothers is offering this gift pack containing all four of our varieties of eco-tubes, (16 teabags each), shipped to your door, or straight to your friend or relative. 

All Yaupon Brothers teas are crafted using 100% Florida-grown Yaupon Holly, which is organically grown and harvested using sustainable practices, and without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or any other unhealthy stuff! Our packaging is fully compostable OR reuseable.


FIRE-ROASTED WARRIOR - 100% Fire-Roasted Yaupon Holly. (We roast over open flame!)

FLORIDA CHAI - Yaupon Holly, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves & Peppercorn.

AMERICAN GREEN - Yaupon Holly - raw and wild!

LAVENDER COCONUT - Yaupon Holly, Rooibos, Lavender Flowers, Organic Natural Coconut Flavor (based in organic cane alcohol.)



Yaupon Brothers Variety Pack - Limited Time Offer! $ 30.00

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